10 Potassium Rich Foods That Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Like every nutrient, Potassium is also important for your health. It maintains blood pressure and reduces the risk of clogged arteries. That lowers the risk of stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure. Potassium helps to relax your blood vessels and even without it, excess sodium in the body cannot be flushed out.
When you have a low level of potassium level in your body, you may have severe headaches, or having strong heart palpitations. To avoid such problems you should balance potassium levels in your body.

After doing research we have collected the best food source of potassium that will help a lot to maintain it.


Timestamp for Potassium Rich Foods that lower blood pressure.
00:44 – Importance of potassium in the body
01:26 – Pumpkin seeds
01:56 – Tomatoes
02:29 – Beetroot
03:01 – Celery
03:21 – Spinach
03:54 – Potatoes
04:18 – Banana
04:45 – Sweet Potatoes
05:14 – Avocados
05:43 – Pomegranate
06:14 – Additional tips to lower blood pressure

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