10 Surprising Uses For Shaving Cream

This time, we’ve dug up 10 surprising uses for shaving cream around the home. We all know, what shaving cream is used for… well, shaving. However, there are several different and surprising ways to use shaving cream that go beyond getting rid of your stubble!

For instance, before you shower, just put some shaving cream all over your mirror and wipe it off with a washcloth. Or, remove scuffs and dirt from your sneakers. If juice gets spilled on your carpet, you can use some shaving cream to remove the stain.

The surprising uses for shaving cream include breaking in a baseball glove, polishing old jewelry or cleaning your shower. Shaving cream also removes dirt from your hands and fingers easily.

So, yeah! As you can see, this stockpile staple can be used to clean more than just scruff! Buy some in bulk, keep it around the house, and utilize this list of surprising ways to use shaving cream!

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