11 Signs Your Liver Is in Trouble (And What To Do About It)

We have already talked about how important the liver is to our body, and you probably must be tired of hearing about it. But talking about health is never enough, right?

So in today’s video, we will show you some signs that your body gives about the liver. Are you curious?

The liver works as a filter for the body, helping eliminate fats and toxins responsible for increasing inflammation and causing diseases.

Pain in the right side of the abdomen and bloated belly are common symptoms of liver issues.

But what causes these problems? Excess of fats and alcohol, medication abuse, and lack of physical activities are the most common reasons for liver problems.

Watch the video to learn some of symptoms that your body may give that are related to the liver.

So, do you show any of these signs? If you do, seek a hepatologist to do the necessary exams and identify the cause of your issues.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), when we talk about the liver, from an energetic point of view, we are talking about the liver itself but also the gallbladder, eyes, shoulders, knees, tendons, nails, breasts, and the whole female reproductive system, including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc.

The initial diagnosis of liver issues is made by a doctor after checking the signs and symptoms.

Then, a series of liver function tests are done to evaluate how the liver is working.

If you want to know what signs of liver issues are shown by your feet, watch the suggested video.

0:00 What Are The Symptoms of Liver Problems?
0:46 What Causes Liver Problems?
0:54 Signs Your Liver May Be Damaged
2:32 Diagnosis of Liver Disease
2:42 How to Avoid Liver Issues Naturally


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