3 Best Teas for Diabetics To Lower Blood Sugar

Do you have diabetes or know anyone who does?

Did you know that, besides lifestyle changes and a healthier diet, diabetic people, or those at risk of developing it, also need to exercise to get better results in their treatment?

In today’s video, you will see 3 natural teas that help control diabetes and insulin resistance.

Some of the most common symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination, especially during the night, weight loss despite eating a lot, and fatigue without apparent reason.

You may also present blurry vision, recurring skin infections, wounds that don’t heal (or take too long to heal), and numb hands and feet.

Do you have any of these symptoms? Let’s see some plants that are scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar:

Papaya leaf tea

Papaya leaf is a powerful ally to restore your pancreas, the gland responsible for secreting insulin. People with type-2 diabetes, or at risk of developing it, probably have their pancreas compromised.

Papaya leaf tea can help a sick pancreas get back to its proper functioning. However, papaya leaves shouldn’t be eaten raw as a salad. The best way of using it is to make a tea.

The recommended frequency for drinking this tea is once a day, for 30 days, never more than that. Besides, papaya leaf tea is absolutely forbidden for people who suffer from thrombosis. Talk to your doctor beforehand.


Chamomile is another plant used in traditional medicine due to its fame as a natural tranquilizer. However, this plant also affects blood sugar levels, helping control them. It also seems to protect against complications of diabetes, like lesions in the blood vessels.

Pineapple crown tea

This powerful infusion can end insulin resistance, thanks to the substances found in the pineapple ”crown.” These substances support insulin in its job of taking glucose to the interior of cells.

Remember that, like the other two teas we saw today, the pineapple crown tea should only be consumed for 30 days in a row at most. In any case, talk to your doctor before.

Children and pregnant or nursing women should not drink these teas, as they may have side effects. If you take diabetes medications, talk to your doctor before drinking these teas since they can cause hypoglycemia.

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