4 Healthy Morning Habits For A Better Day

In today’s video, you will see some habits, including dietary, that you should add to your morning routine.

You probably have heard about books like The Miracle Morning, The Power of Habit, and others.

All of them basically say the same thing: you need to take care of what you do in the first hours of your day.

ou have also noticed that the morning routines of celebrities usually involve good eating habits and physical activities, right?

But, before anything else, you need time and dedication to start your day well.

We have some valuable tips for you to start off your day right:

0:00 Healthy Morning Habits

0:40 Drink lemon water
Lemon has diuretic and cleansing properties that help with liver health. Lemon improves digestion, increases immunity, has anti-inflammatory properties, and huge detox power.

1:07 Exposure to sunlight
According to experts, sunlight exposure can change the mood and promote wellness, even avoiding depressive episodes.

1:28 Move your body
Exercises like stretching, yoga, nothing intense, just to move your body a little, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. They also relax the muscles and warm up the body.

2:08 Healthy Breakfast Options
2:16 The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Coffee
2:48 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs for Breakfast
3:05 Foods to Avoid at Breakfast

Now, let’s talk about eating.

We say that breakfast is the most important meal of our day because we fast while sleeping.

At night, the body spends the glycogen supply, responsible for giving energy, to maintain the regular metabolic functions.

So, breakfast is essential to replenish our energy and activate the metabolism.

This simple change in your routine will give you more health, energy, and vigor…

Follow these steps, and then tell us your experience.


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