5 Benefits of Using Jojoba Oil For Your Face and Skin

We always talk about oils and their benefits on our channel. The last one we talked about was almond oil. Did you watch it?

You certainly know about coconut and argan oil, right? But have you tried jojoba oil?

The oil comes from the seeds of jojoba bush, native from the deserts of Mojave and Sonora, in Arizona, California, and Mexico.

The fruit is similar to a bean, green and oval, and has seeds on the inside. From them, we extract the oil. Did you know that?

See some of the benefits of this natural wonder:

0:00 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin
0:37 Hydrates the skin
0:53 Helps with cold sores
1:06 Fights acne
1:17 Heals wounds
1:34 Lessens wrinkles and is anti-age
2:05 Natural makeup remover

In addition to all these benefits, jojoba oil is actually a wax, not a true oil, which means it can be stored for years without going bad.

It is accessible and easy to find. You can buy jojoba oil at drugstores or natural health stores.

Besides all these benefits, jojoba oil also works as a makeup remover. Did you know that? Oils can break waterproof makeup easier than water and soap.

Jojoba oil is perfect for this job since it is gentle enough to be used around the eyes when you need to remove your eyeliner. Nice, isn’t it?

Try it and share your experience with us. If you have used jojoba oil, tell us what you used it for.


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