5 Foods That Kill Intestinal Worms Naturally

In today’s video, you will see 5 ways of getting rid of intestinal worms naturally.

In a recent video, we talked about the 10 signs that someone needs a deworming. Did you watch it?

Did you know that nature has many ways of eliminating intestinal worms?

Many herbs and whole foods have natural compounds that help our bodies eliminate these parasites.

Here are some healthy and tasty ideas:

Probiotic foods: we talked about them in a past video. Fermented foods are under the spotlight recently and for good reasons.

Apple cider vinegar: this ingredient has beneficial probiotics, helps restore the healthy balance of pH, and stimulates the digestive system.

Vegetables: onion, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli efficiently eliminate parasites from your body.

Herbs: peppermint, ginger, or fresh oregano, or even their essential oil versions, can be used as natural dewormers.

Pineapple and papaya: both are sweet and have enzymes and other natural compounds that help your body get naturally rid of worms.

Besides adding these foods to your diet to eliminate parasites, it is also important to avoid some foods.

You need to reduce as much inflammation in your intestines as possible to get better results in the cleansing.

Avoiding these foods for a while will improve the results of your deworming.

Now tell us, have you tried any of these natural treatments?

0:00 Foods that kill intestinal worms naturally
0:32 Probiotic foods
0:53 Apple cider vinegar
1:06 Vegetables
1:13 Herbs
1:21 Pineapple and papaya
1:40 Foods to avoid during a parasite cleanse


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