6 Amazing Health Reasons To Eat Raw Mango Every Day

Do you like mangoes? And what about green mangoes? Did you know that eating green mangoes can bring many benefits to your health?

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, fiber and enzymes. But, if you want to lose weight, it is better to consume it with moderation since they are rich in calories.

Mangoes are in season from October to January, and it is easy to find them in markets and supermarkets.

However, it may not be so easy to find them during the rest of the year.

Some of its benefits that we can cite are:

Fights constipation
Helps control blood pressure
Protects cells and prevents cancer
Improves skin health and protects against the sun
Strengthens the immune system

Besides all these benefits, green mangoes also:
Reduce stomach acidity, improves intestinal tract, treats morning sickness, treats liver diseases, gives energy, avoids insolation and mineral loss, benefits dental health and prevents scurvy.

But pay attention to not consume green mangoes in excess. It can cause irritation in your throat, indigestion, dysentery, and abdominal cramps.

Besides that, be careful with the ”milk” of green mangoes, while they are still raw. Ingesting it causes gastrointestinal infections and irritation in the mouth and throat.

With all this nutritional value, it is worthy it to include mangoes on your menu, isn’t it?

It can be consumed pure or in juices, creams, puree, jams, ice-creams, syrups, and many others.

In this video you will also learn how to make a delicious green mango juice!

Did you like this recipe? Did you know it? If you have other recipes with green mangoes, share them with us.


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