6 Foods You Should NEVER Reheat in the Microwave

There are certain things in our kitchen that we’ve gotten so used to having around, that we feel like we could’t live without them anymore. There are refrigerators, toasters, sinks with running water, and most importantly, microwaves.

Microwaves work by using a fancy vacuum tube called a magnetron that generates tiny waves of radiation that heat our food up from the inside, unlike a flame or electric coil which would cook our food from the outside.

Due to their use of radiation, many people are still weary of microwaves, even though they’ve been around for decades now, and several studies have successfully proven that the radiation waves reflect off of the metal screen embedded in the glass door, and can not escape the microwave itself.

So, since the waves can’t get out to harm us, can they harm our food?

Here’s a list of common everyday foods that may be prejudicial to your health depending on the way they’re stored, cooked, or re-heated.


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