7 Reasons to Stop Taking Hot Showers Every Morning

We have recently seen on our channel how to make a homemade moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized.

And, during our research, we noticed that many times, the lack of moisturizing happens because of:

Bad eating habits, lack of physical activities, sun exposure, low water ingestion, and, the most common factor of all that many people do, but not everyone pays attention to: hot showers!

The temperature of the shower water is a very personal thing. Some people love a cold shower, while other people will only get under the shower once it is “boiling”.

But what is better for your body?

According to studies, hot showers have a relaxing effect, which activates blood circulation and sends more oxygen to the muscles, soothing pains and tension.

However, if you usually shower in high temperatures, know that you are causing a series of damages to your hair, skin, nails, and even to your digestive system.

Learn more about it now:

Causes Oiliness
Rough Skin
Causes Hair Loss
Causes Urticaria
Dull Hair
Causes Acne
Harms Digestion

Besides avoiding too hot water, remember to go easy on loofahs. Many people believe that strongly scrubbing their skin will remove all the dead skin cells; which is not true.

Scrubbing your skin too much will remove its natural oils, which work as a protection.

See? Now tell us, how hot are your showers?

To lessen or avoid these problems, try taking more warm showers the next time.

After a while, the new temperature will become a habit.


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