7 Symptoms Show That You Have a Potassium Deficiency

Potassium is a mineral that every cell needs for proper functioning. It helps regulate the acidity of your blood, keeps your heart beating, and also fuels muscle activity. This video will show you 7 symptoms of potassium deficiency so you can know if this is happening to you!

If you are feeling tired always then it’s symptoms of having potassium deficiency. All minerals and vitamins are important to maintain our health; Potassium is one of them. It is an essential mineral that has many roles in our bodies.

It helps to regulate fluid balance and maintain muscle contractions. But “How will you know if you have potassium deficiency?” In this video, I had mentioned all important signs and symptoms of low potassium.

Intro – 0:00
Stiffness of Muscles – 01:35
Fatigue – 02:15
Increasing Heartbeat – 02:38
Breathing difficulties – 03:06
Felling Numbness – 03:38
Digestive Problems – 04:24
Mood Swings – 04:58


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