Burning Sage Can Clean The Air And Improve Your Health

Recently on our channel, we talked about the benefits of sage. Have you watched the video?

Sage is a powerful herb that has medicinal properties and is recognized by certain cultures for also having spiritual properties.

Do you know the meaning of the word sage? It means salvation.

That’s why cleansing the air of our homes with sage can help in cases of asthma, cough, rhinitis, sinusitis, headaches, dizziness, malaise, and even heart problems.

Sage can’t survive in cool or shadowy places; for this plant to grow, it is necessary to have sunlight and heat; that’s how it absorbs the energy of the sun to make the essential oil that keeps its leaves flexible and alive…

That’s why some people consider that the smoke of sage can purify not only the body but also places and personal things, being seen as something sacred.

Learn more details of the benefits of burning sage and how you can use it to improve your general well-being!

1. Natural purifier
2. Helps alleviate some symptoms
3. It’s a spiritual tool
4. Wards off the negative energies
5. Improves your mood
6. Relieves stress

Are you surprised by these many benefits? But, how do you burn sage?

You will need two or three leaves of sage and a feather. Join the leaves and set them on fire.

Walk around your house or any other place where you want these benefits.

At the same time, using your other hand, spread the smoke around with the feather.

Be careful when doing it without the feather since inhaling sage smoke may aggravate any respiratory conditions you have.

Wait until the smoke is dissipated before entering the cleansed space.

Did you know these benefits of sage? Have you ever done a cleanse with sage? Share your experiences with us.


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