Collagen: The Key To Make Your Skin Looking Younger

It is natural that, as the years go by, we start to notice changes on our skin. It can become more flaccid, wrinkly, and some spots may appear. Do you know why it happens?

The reason for that is collagen, whose production starts to drop over time. If you are over 25-years old, it might be a good idea to start taking care of your skin and recover your collagen supply. If that is your case, this video was made for you!

In today’s video, we will show you some healthy habits that you can add to your routine to keep your skin looking always healthy and young.

Collagen is an essential protein for beautiful and healthy skin, resulting in more elasticity and firmness.

Collagen represents 70% of all the proteins in the skin and is naturally produced by the cells.

Besides being responsible for keeping your skin firm, collagen is also very important to your hair, nails, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Did you know that you can find collagen in some foods?

That’s right, foods like meat and gelatin are rich in collagen and you can also supplement this protein.

Besides taking care of your eating habits, it is also necessary to pay attention to some external factors that can accelerate the collagen drop in your body, like excessive exposure to the sun, excessive consumption of sugar, smoking and pollution.

Those are the reasons for some people to look older than the others.

However, some skins suffer less with collagen loss, even when exposed daily to these same conditions. Did you know that?



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