Dehydration Symptoms: 7 Signs Tell You Need To Drink More Water

What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration? When your body loses more fluid than you take in then you may face the problem of dehydration. The following symptoms will help to identify the situation which indicates that your body needs more water.

00:00:29 – What is dehydration?

The human body loses water routinely in the form of water vapor through the breath when we exhale, and also loses water through sweat, and the detoxification process. Along with water, you also lose a small number of electrolytes or salt. Human bodies constantly readjusting the balance between water and loose electrolytes with fluid intake. When your body loses too much water, it may become out of balance, this situation is known as dehydration.

00:01:08 – Dehydration stage
00:01:48 – Dehydration symptoms
00:01:55 – Fatigue
00:02:11 – Headaches
00:02:32 – Bad breath
00:02:45 – Dry Mouth
00:03:00 – Constipation
00:03:16 – Dry mouth
00:03:36 – Reduced urge of urination

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