Don’t Add Sugar To Your Coffee, Here’s Why…

Do you know that having coffee with sugar can be bad for your health?

Who doesn’t like an early morning coffee or maybe to wake yourself up a bit at work during the afternoon?

Having coffee is gradually becoming a habit in our lives, but do you know that coffee when mixed with sugar can actually be bad for you?

We all know that sugar is really unhealthy. But now, you’ll have even more reasons to avoid its consumption. Scientists are finding out that sugar sweetened drinks, like most people’s coffee, in spite of being delicious, can also cause premature death.

In a recent study, it was found that people who ingest more than 680 grams of sugary drinks daily, have doubled their chances to die from heart problems in comparison to those who ingest less than 30 grams per day.

According to this study, death risk isn’t related to the ingestion of sugary foods, but to how sugary beverages are processed and digested by our bodies.

As stated by Jean Welsh, one of the people responsible for the study, sugary drinks can be even more dangerous than solid candy. They’re basically sugar and water.

In other words, there is no protein or fat to neutralize the effects of that combination in our bodies.

According to Welsh, this combination can result in some diseases, like heart problems, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

Besides that, a study performed on test rats found that fructose-rich corn syrup, a common ingredient in sweeteners and sugary drinks can feed the growth of tumors of colon cancer. This reinforces what scientists have studied for the past years.

Sugar can stimulate cancerous tumors helping them grow faster and in a more aggressive way.

More studies are needed to find out if these cancer reactions in animals work the same way in the human body.

So, instead of adding sugar to your coffee, what about adding a pinch of cinnamon, lemon zest or coconut oil?

Cinnamon will give a Christmassy flavor, lemon zest can feel refreshing and coconut oil will help to boost your metabolism with great flavor and nutrition.

Try it out by yourself! Then, share your experience with us.



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