Drops for sore throat and cough with ginger, essential oils and other natural ingredients

🍬 Homemade sore throat and cough natural remedy: Drops (candies) for sore throats and coughs made at home with natural ingredients: ginger, turmeric / turmeric, honey wax cap, propolis and essential oils. Get rid of coughs with candies made by yourself at home.

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Homemade drops for cold and flu! / Homemade candies for sore throat and cough

👉 Benefits of cough drops / candies with ginger and essential oils:
✔ soothes sore throat
✔ calms the cough
✔ expectorant
✔ decongests the nose
✔ prevent colds and flu
✔ treats pharyngitis, laryngitis
✔ treats stomatitis, periodontitis
✔ antiseptic
✔ anti-inflammatory
✔ antioxidant
✔ astringent
✔ calming & relaxing
✔ sedative
✔ strengthens immunity

👉 How are drops for sore throats and coughs made at home?
🔗 Remedy step by step: https://old-cures.com/remedies/drops-for-sore-throat-and-cough-with-ginger-essential-oils-and-other-natural-ingredients–89

👍 Administration:
Consume one drop at a time whenever you feel a sore throat or cough. These drops are also good for colds, for the feeling of a stuffy nose, mucus.

📑 Browse chapters:
0:00 Intro – Drops for sore throat and cough
0:08 Ingredients:
0:45 sugar
0:54 lemon
1:03 chamomile, thyme, basil and sage tea
1:08 chamomile
1:15 basil
1:22 thyme
1:29 sage info
1:42 turmeric
1:49 nutmeg
1:56 ginger
2:03 clove
2:10 essential oils
2:17 honey wax cap
2:24 Preparation:
2:26 – tea making
3:15 – put the sugar on the fire
4:03 – prepare the lemon juice and add it
4:41 – the cloves are crushed and added
6:27 – add the spices for the last 3 minutes
7:07 – turn off the heat and add the oils
7:50 – add the cap after ~ 3 min
8:42 – drops formation
11:14 Administration
11:20 Final

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