Egg yolk and milk for sore throat

Do you have a sore throat? Do you feel the tonsils inflamed? Have you starting to cough?
Egg yolk and Milk remedy for sore throat: beat an egg yolk with a little sugar and add it to a cup of hot milk. It will soothe sore throats.

👍 Gogol-mogol / Egg and Milk remedy for sore throat, cough, cold, flu,…

📑 Navigation chapters:
0:00 Intro – Egg yolk with milk for sore throat
0:02 Ingredients
0:09 Preparation
2:08 Final

🔗 The natural remedy step by step here:–65

👍 Effects:
✔ calms the cough
✔ relieves sore throat pain
✔ treats tonsillitis
✔ clear the voice

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