Getting Ahead of Urinary Tract Infections & Female Pelvic Health LIVE Q&A

Let’s talk all things urinary tract infections (UTIs) and female pelvic health. here’s your chance to have all your ’burning’ questions answered by a female urologist, live, on YouTube! (yes, I mean me, Rena Malik, MD)

Can’t make it or have a question you want to make sure we discuss? Tweet it with the hashtag #livewithdrmalik and tag me @renamalikmd!

I’m excited to partner with ellura– the UTI supplement I recommend – to bring you this live Q&A!

I’ve been recommending ellura to my UTI patients since I started practicing medicine. ellura checks all the boxes for me: has helped my patients, is made of concentrated cranberry juice extract – so all its PACs are soluble (this is key!), has virtually no side effects, and the list goes on. #ellurapartner My friends at ellura are offering my followers a special discount.
New customers to the brand’s online store can use code MALIK40 to get 40% off at check out. You’ll find them at this link:
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Rena Malik, MD is a urologist and pelvic surgeon on youtube to educate people about all things urology including erectile dysfunction, how to increase testosterone, problems with sex, premature ejaculation, urinary leakage, or incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, prostate issues and more.

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