Got Grey Hair? Here’s What It Says About Your Health

Do you have gray hair? How old are you? Did you know that gray hair doesn’t have anything to do with your age?

The optimistic see gray hair as fruits of experience, while other people blame the daily stress for them.

The first gray hairs usually appear way before the middle-age crisis, both in men and women.

For women, it seems like a bad thing since many of them are reluctant of letting their natural hair color show.

While, for men, gray hairs are considered a symbol of charm and virility.

However, having gray hair too early on life can be a sign that your health is not doing so well.

It’s what suggests a study done in Cairo University, which linked gray hair to the risk of cardiovascular problems.

See now some health issues that may be linked to gray hair:

1. The gray color is in genes
2. Heart diseases
3. Lack of vitamins
4. Smoking
5. Hair can suffer from oxidative stress

If you have gray hair, there is no reason to panic. The link between them and heart diseases is not causal.

It means that gray hair doesn’t cause heart issues, nor does the contrary.

Now, tell us: which one of these problems do you think is the responsible for your gray hair?



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