Had Your Appendix Removed? Then Watch This Video!

Most people get scared when they think about removing their appendix, and it is not for nothing.

Suddenly an intense pain takes over your body, and at the hospital, the doctors find out that a surgery is needed.

Did you know that the remains of feces and undigested food are considered to be the cause of this inflammation? So, removing your appendix, may prevent a generalized infection.

Who would say that this small organ, whose function is still a mystery, is linked to Parkinson’s disease?

Isn’t it interesting?

As we have already seen in the channel, the intestine is considered a second brain, and these studies certainly prove that these two organs are directly linked.

So, if you have any digestive problems, stay tuned because, we’re going to talk about what you can do to improve your digestive health throughout the next couple of videos.


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