Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Stones

We have already talked about the benefits of walking barefoot.

If you still don’t know why it is good for your health, then watch the video being suggested to you.

Contrary to popular belief, walking barefoot is not a cause of colds or flu, and it is also recommended by doctors. Did you know that?

According to the experts, taking your shoes off to walk helps keep the balance, improves motor skills, posture and stability.

This is even more important when done by children who are taking their first steps since walking barefoot is fundamental to the development of feet and walking.

Besides that, walking around barefoot allows the child to sharpen their touch, the sensations of temperature and textures, which is important for growth.

Do you have the habit of walking barefoot? Did you know that bare feet perspire less?

If you suffer from mycosis or fungus on your nails, being barefooted is a natural way to avoid them.

This all may seem silly, but you better believe it: walking barefoot on irregular stones can work wonders for your health!

This is a very ancient Chinese practice. According to them, when you walk barefooted on stones, the acupressure points of your feet are stimulated.

And remember, it is normal to feel a certain discomfort in the beginning. If that happens, use ice packs to soothe the aching.

Now, tell us, did you know the benefits of a barefoot walk? Try it and share your opinions with us!



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