Homemade Rust Remover Using Cheap Ingredients

In today’s video, you will learn how to make a homemade rust remover.

Metal pieces commonly get rusted as the years pass by. Continuous use, exposure to humidity, and lack of adequate care make these objects deteriorate little by little and reduce their shelf life.

In general terms, rust is the result of the oxidation iron suffers when in contact with water. It causes significant damage to the object, and some people may even have allergic reactions to it. Do you suffer from it?

Luckily, you don’t need to throw your rusted pieces away, as there are some tricks to clean them and remove rust, leaving them sparkling new. All you need to do is make a vinegar porridge!

Have you ever heard of mixing cornstarch and vinegar? This mixture is good to remove rust from old tools, faucets, or anything rusted and green.

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See how to make it:

Dissolve two spoonfuls of cornstarch in 10 ounces of vinegar.

Bring the mixture to heat until it turns into a porridge. Lastly, add a drizzle of cooking oil and wait for it to cool down!

Your vinegar gel to remove rust is ready to use!

It is important to remember that you need to identify rust on your things as soon as possible.

The sooner you remove it, the fewer chances it will have to spread and corrode the whole object.

If you notice this issue, try this recipe to remove rust before turning to the chemical products sold at the supermarket. Try it

0:00 What causes metal to rust
0:44 How to get rid of rust naturally
1:02 Cornstarch and vinegar rust remover recipe


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