How to Clean Stinky Towels and Prevent Future Smells

Do you want to learn how to get rid of that funky smell on your bath towels once and for all? Watch this video and find out how!

Who doesn’t love to take a nice shower and grab a clean, perfumed towel to dry their body? But, after a few days of use, towels end up getting a funky, humid smell.

You should never leave your towels in the bathroom after showering, as the humidity makes it harder for the towel to dry and facilitates the buildup of germs and dirt.

Try leaving them in a dry, airy place, preferably in the sun, to make sure that your towels will be completely dry. This way, you can avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause a bad smell.

See now 3 recipes that can help you get rid of the bad smell in your towels:

White vinegar and baking soda
This is one of the best alternatives to prevent your towels from smelling bad. It easily penetrates the fabric and eliminates all the dirt, mold, bacteria, and microorganisms that cause infections and bad smells.

Lemon juice
Because of the high citric concentration of lemons, it is an excellent whitener and disinfectant for all kinds of clothes. The acidic smell of this fruit will help you get rid of the bad smell of your towels.

In addition to these tricks, to avoid the bad smell, mold, and bacteria, it is good to wash your towels regularly, at least once a week.

Knowing the right way of taking care of your towels will save you time from having to search for tricks to get rid of the funky smell and will also be good for your health.

Towels aren’t like clothes and require more care as they are constantly touching your skin. If you use the same towel for days and days, it is time for you to rethink this habit.

As complete as your shower might be, you hardly will eliminate all the bacteria from your skin, and they may end up stuck in your towel.

It is important to know how to get rid of the bad smell on your towels, but the main thing is to keep them always clean and disinfected.

0:00 How to Get the Smell Out of Towels
0:48 White Vinegar and Baking Soda to Get Rid of Smelly Towels
1:23 Lemon Juice to Get the Smell Out of Towels
1:55 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Towels Clean and Fresh



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