How to Fix Ingrown Toenails Fast at Home

Have you ever had an ingrown toenail or know someone who does? Did you know you can treat ingrown nails at home?

In today’s video, you will learn 3 homemade treatments for your toenails.

There are different reasons for an ingrown toenail, and the main one is cutting your nails wrong, which facilitates abnormal growth and makes it grow under the skin, causing pain.

Other causes for ingrown toenails include:

– Injuring your feet;
– Wearing small or tight shoes;
– Having small toes;

Also, ingrown toenails are more common in people with a malformation on nails or feet. In these cases, it is necessary to be more careful when cutting the nails.

At the end of this video, we will show you the right way of cutting nails to avoid ingrown toenails.

But, for now, let’s see some natural medicines that you can use to help:

1) Leave your feet soaking in hot water
2) Epsom Salt
3) Turmeric

To get results with these treatments, you need to cut and file your nails in a square shape. If the infection persists, seek the help of a health professional. A podiatrist, dermatologist, orthopedist, or general practitioner can help you.

But, how do we cut our nails correctly to avoid ingrown nails? The nails should be in a straight line.

Attention: if you suffer from diabetes, poor circulation in the feet, or lesions in the leg or feet nerves, do not treat your ingrown nails at home.

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Ingrown toenail causes
0:56 Natural remedies for ingrown toenails
2:21 How to clip your nails to prevent an ingrown toenail
3:02 Outro

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