How to Reverse Gray Hair With Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Do you have white hair? We all reach a point in our lives where the white hairs won’t stop showing up, and we have to resort to dyeing them all the time.

But, happily, there are many other options for dyeing your hair at home and keeping its natural color.

Here on the channel, we already taught you some recipes that include potato juice, flaxseed oil, essential oils, and coconut oil.

Have you tried any of them? If you did, share your experience with us.

In today’s recipe, some ingredients from past recipes will make a new appearance: coconut oil and lemon juice.

Learn how to make the recipe to get rid of your white hairs using lemon juice and coconut oil!

Besides that, it is worth remembering that some people have gray hair because of genetics or other factors.

After doing this and other natural treatments, you also need to:

1. Be careful with blow driers. Try to keep a distance between the hot air and your hair.
2. Use a heat protectant on your hair whenever you use hot styling tools, like flat or curling irons.
3. Avoid hot showers and wash your hair with cold water whenever possible.
4. Also, add a water filter to your shower to help filtrate chemical substances that may alter your hair color, like chlorine and heavy metals.

0:00 How to Reverse Gray Hair With Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice
0:40 Coconut Oil Benefits for Grey Hair
0:53 Lemon Juice Benefits for Grey Hair
1:02 Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice Recipe To Get Rid of Grey Hair
1:50 Tips to Prevent Grey Hair



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