How to Use Horsetail to Stop Hair Loss and Make It Grow

Do you suffer from hair loss? Did you know that this an issue that affects both men and women?

It is a fact that today, hair is a symbol of health, beauty, and seduction. For many people, it can even be synonymous with physical strength and virility.

And when hair starts to fall, some people’s self-esteem might become fragile.

Thinking about it, in today’s video we will show you a plant that can help you with this issue.

Although it is usually known for its diuretic properties, this herb can be a great ally of hair health.

Do you already know what plant we are talking about?

It’s horsetail!

Some of the properties of horsetail include helping with healthy hair growth, thanks to its nutrients.

Keeping your hair healthy also depends a lot on your diet, which needs balanced nutrition and good health habits.

But, how does horsetail help with hair growth?

To get all these benefits, you can drink horsetail tea or make a hair rinse.

Watch the video to learn how!

The recommended is choosing only one mode of use, since consuming horsetail in large amounts can end up drying your hair, making it weak.

Besides that, horsetail is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

If you have any heart issues, it is better to talk to a trusted doctor before drinking horsetail tea.



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