How To Use Watermelon Seeds | Boiling Seeds | Tea | Recipe

Know how to prepare watermelon seed’s tea to get maximum benefits? It can be boiled to prepare nutritious tea. Along with also know different ways to consume these seeds. Normally, people often threw away or spat out these seeds. But they don’t know its benefits.

You Can check out that benefit in Details here:
Watermelon Seeds Health Benefits

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:53 – About watermelon seeds nutrition
00:01:13 – Preparation of watermelon seeds for using
00:01:36 – Alternate ways to consume them
00:01:57 – Recipe for watermelon seeds tea

Boiling the water with these seeds and prepare tea that offers excellent benefits to you. Using watermelon seeds are acts as a diuretic, so strong homemade watermelon seed tea is extremely effective if you are suffering from the f issues of the urinary, and kidney stones.

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