Maintains the health of the digestive tract – Mint/Peppermint Tincture | Preparation

Maintains the health of the digestive tract – Mint/Peppermint Tincture | Preparation
Mint tincture plays an essential role in maintaining the health of the digestive system and in inducing a state of relaxation in the whole body. It can be used both internally, diluted with water, and externally, as such, diluted or part of other remedies in local applications, plastering, massage, …

》》》 Tincture of Mint / Peppermint Tincture – Benefits 《《《

👉 Beneficial effects and properties of mint tincture:
• supports the normal functioning of the digestive system;
• supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract;
• fights intestinal cramps;
• has a very strong gastrointestinal antiseptic role;
• good for bacterial infections;
• fights bloating and flatulence;
• helps in intestinal colic, enterocolitis;
• helps in slow digestion, indigestion, bloating, aerophagia;
• protects the gastro-duodenal mucosa;
• normalizes intestinal transit, regulates the density and frequency of stools;
• helps to calm vomiting and combats the feeling of nausea;
• sedative of hepato-biliary colic;
• helps in the secretion of bile, in diseases of the pancreas;
• adjuvant in ENT diseases;
• helps maintain the health of the respiratory tract;
• antitussive and antiviral effect;
• helps in sinusitis;
• detoxifying, favors the elimination of toxins from the body;
• mild analgesic effect;
• has a relaxing and tonic effect at the same time;
• anti-inflammatory effect;
• good for soothing muscle and joint pain, in rheumatism;
• soothing and relaxing on the skin, reducing the sensation of itching and stinging;
• stimulates memory, increases vigilance, degree of concentration;
• eliminate bad breath;

👉 Step-by-step recipe: see how mint tincture is prepared / see mint tincture benefits:–336

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