Make Your Own Metal Polish and Cleaner With 3 Ingredients

More than just simply taking care of it, the habit of keeping your house and routine in order and organized tells about how you live your life, and even says a lot about your thoughts and your mind. Did you know that?

And a small happiness, although small and simple, is seeing your pans and kitchen sink shining! Can you relate?

Besides that, stainless-steel can be found in most homes, in stoves, fridges, cutlery, appliances, utensils, and many other objects.

But with time, and lack of correct cleaning, both stainless-steel and aluminum can lose their natural shine, and sometimes can even rust.

This kind of material requires special cleaning care, otherwise, it can get scratched and spotted.

So, if you want your stainless-steel and aluminum cookware shining and looking fresh and new, make these special recipes.

Did you know that vinegar is great for cleaning?

Vinegar is used to season foods, but it can also help you clean your house. It works well for cleaning because of a chemical reason: its high concentration of acetic acid.

This substance removes grease, disinfects, shines, and gets rid of smells. Isn’t it amazing?

So, to remove dirt from aluminum or stainless-steel pans, you can put some water and four tablespoons of vinegar in the pan and boil it.

Wait for it cool down and wash it again with detergent, as usual.

Now, if you want to learn how to make a polishing paste, watch the video!

The advantage of using a homemade product is that it yields way more than the industrialized versions we find at supermarkets.

And they are also cheaper and very efficient for cleaning.

Try one of these recipes at home and you won’t need to sweat to make your kitchen shine!



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