Put Salt In Your Kitchen Sink To Clean And Unclog The Drains

In this video, we will show you a simple trick to unclog your kitchen sink using only hot water and salt!

Whenever you’re washing dishes and start noticing that water in the sink is backing up, that means that the drain is probably clogged.

This problem will most likely end up happening to someone who isn’t careful and doesn’t take the most basic precautions.

Most of the time, the back up happens due to a build up of fat in the pipes.

When we rinse fat down the drain it’s normally liquid, but ends up congealing and blocking pipes.

Pieces of food and vegetable or fruit peel can also pile up where the pipes curve and keep the water from flowing.

So what do you do when this happens?

Do you call a plumber? Do you buy a chemical product to unclog your sink?

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Tips to prevent your kitchen drain from being clogged
01:00 How to unclog a sink using hot water and salt
01:52 How to unclog a sink clogged with food
02:08 Outro

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