Rosemary Tea Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Do you know the benefits of rosemary? In today’s video, you will find out why you should drink rosemary tea every day!

Rosemary is an aromatic herb common in the Mediterranean. Because it is one of the most complete herbs, in terms of health benefits, rosemary has become a frequent study subject for scientists.

Also called ”the happiness herb,” rosemary can be used in culinary, aromatherapy, and as a tea, which is the most common way of using this herb. Both its flavor and aroma are very pleasing.

See the benefits of rosemary:

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial
Rosemary is used to help preserve foods and alsoto treat wounds and cuts, thanks to its high antimicrobial power.

Anticancer properties
Thanks to its antioxidants rosemary can reduce the number of toxic substances produced when food is cooked in high temperatures and that increase the risk of cancer.

Helps with diabetes control
In some studies done with animals, rosemary tea was able to maintain the sugar blood levels stable, helping treat diabetes.

Fights water retention
Rosemary tea is an excellent natural diuretic that can be used to prevent water retention.

Helps relax and reduces stress
Rosemary tea is a great relaxant. It contains substances that help reduce the levels of the stress hormone.

Improves digestion
You can drink rosemary tea right after your main meals to help with digestion since it helps empty the gallbladder.

Makes the hair prettier
In addition to all of this, rosemary tea, without sugar, can be used to wash the hair since it strengthens the hair, fights excessive oiliness, prevents dandruff, and facilitates hair growth.

0:00 Rosemary Tea Benefits and Uses
0:30 Rosemary Tea Has Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties
1:02 Rosemary Tea Has Anticancer Properties
1:31 Rosemary Tea Helps Fight Diabates
1:49 Rosemary Tea Fights Water Retention
2:08 Rosemary Tea Reduces Anxiety and Stress
2:30 Rosemary Tea Improves Digestion
2:46 Rosemary Tea Benefits for Hair
3:06 Rosemary Tea Recipe
3:25 Contraindications for Rosemary Tea



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