Royal Jelly: The Magical Ingredient Created By Bees

In this video, we are going to delve into the hive and learn about royal jelly and the benefits it offers to our health.

Honey is made by bees and is largely used in our day-to-day lives, either as a sweetener or as a natural medicine.

What few people know is that bees are also responsible for another product, highly nutritive and healthy: royal jelly.

Have you ever heard about it?

The benefits of consuming it are many, and range from making your skin prettier to preventing diseases. Did you know?

Royal jelly is a substance produced by young bees. Its purpose is to feed the queen, and that’s the reason of this very specific name.

Very important to the growth, longevity, and reproduction of bees, the jelly is made of proteins, carbohydrates, hormones, vitamins, and minerals.

That many nutrients make royal jelly an amazing ally to our health, offering benefits to our body as a whole.

According to the experts, royal jelly has everything we need in nutritional terms, and the fact that the queen bee lives around 62 more times than the worker bees only serves to highlight even more how powerful royal jelly is for the body nutrition.

For this reason, it really is worth it to learn more about the jelly!

Fresh royal jelly (which must be stored in the fridge) is the best one to consume.

When processed, in either capsules or sachets, it goes under heat, drying, and other manipulations that can render its benefits inactive.

Besides internal use, royal jelly can also be used to improve your hair and skin health.

In this case, it can be made into homemade facial and hair masks, and other things.

Did you enjoy learning more about royal jelly?

Stay tuned because in the next videos we will show you a natural recipe using it to treat your hair and skin.

Did you know its benefits? Have you ever used it? Share your experience with us.



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