Spray Salt Water on Your Skin and Hair For These Incredible Benefits

There are many ways of hydrating and caring for your hair, and we mentioned several of them on our channel.

Many times, those simple products that we don’t even think about can help us have prettier and healthier hair and skin.

That’s the case with saline solution. Yes, using it on your hair is a cheap and efficient way of beauty care.

Saline solution is similar to the natural fluids of the human body and contains 0.9% of sodium chloride, that is, salt dissolved in an aqueous solution.

For health, it can be used to clean glasses and contact lenses, nose irrigation, and sterilization of wounds, cuts, etc.

For beauty, saline solution nourishes the skin without interfering in oiliness and also hydrates the hair. Isn’t it incredible?

According to experts, saline solution balances the pH of hair, improving the hydration of the scalp, sealing the hair cuticles, and, so, reducing frizz. You can apply it to your homemade hydration mask or when you’re washing your hair.

You can also put saline solution in a spray bottle to use on your hair. Saline solution has cleansing properties and can reduce pores while nourishing the facial skin.

Because its pH is similar to our body’s pH, the saline solution makes the skin softer without increasing the oiliness. Wonderful, right?

Saline solution is a cheaper alternative to other skin products, like thermal water – just put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it over your face.

Since it balances the skin pH, the solution works as a substitute for primer, helping makeup last longer on the skin.

See? With just a simple item, you can take care of your hair and skin and make them prettier and super healthy!

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