Sulphites in Food: Risks and How to Spot Them on Labels

How many times have you found yourself reading the labels of what you are buying at the market?

We know that many people don’t have the habit of reading labels to see what ingredients are used in the foods they eat. But it needs to change!

Once you start paying attention to the labels of what you consume, you will value those foods that don’t need any labels. The result will be a healthier life for you.

Have you noticed how much sulphite is present in your diet?

Sulphites are largely used in the food industry as preservers and antioxidants, and are classified as ”food additives”.

They are formed naturally in some foods and drinks as a result of fermentation, as in the case with beer and wine.

Sometimes, wine producers use sulphur dioxide (which, in contact with alkaline solutions, produces sulphites) to preserve the wine.

What happens when we ingest more than the recommended amount of sulphite?

According to experts, if you keep your intake within the recommended amounts, sulphites are not harmful.

Now that you know more about sulphites, remember to check the labels of your foods before eating.



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