The 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Here are some amazing health benefits of black seed oil! This wonderful oil is made from the seeds of the black cumin plant, which is native to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. It has been grown for centuries for its aromatic and flavorful seeds that can be used as a spice or as herbal medicine.

If you take a look at the hundreds of scientific peer-reviewed articles that have been published about black seed oil benefits, one fact is clear: There are few issues that it cannot help the body overcome.

Black seed oil is also commonly called black cumin seed oil. But be careful, as black seed should not be confused with true cumin, black pepper, black sesame or black cohosh. With virtually no side effects, the healing powers of black seed oil — back from black cumin seeds — is actually quite unbelievable, and it boggles the mind that most people have never even heard of it!

From improving immune function to balancing cholesterol, reducing inflammation and the risk of certain cancers, and even improving cognitive performance, the amazing health benefits of black seed oil are plenty.

Watch this video to learn all about it!

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