The Hidden Health Benefits of Bee Venom

If you are like most people, you probably love the taste of honey.

But, have you ever stopped to think that honey is the only food made by insects that we, humans, eat?

This gooey, golden liquid is the only food that has all the substances necessary to maintain life, such as vitamins, minerals, water, and enzymes.

Besides being delicious, honey is also full of benefits for our health.

But there is another substance derived from bees that can improve your health: apitoxin.

Apitoxin, or bee venom, is a colorless, water soluble liquid extracted from the venom glands of a bee (Apis melifera).

Even if you have never heard about apitoxin, you have probably used some kind of product, especially cosmetics, that has this compound in its composition.

It is very old substance, with proven benefits. Bee stings are also used by acupuncturists.

Are you curious to learn more about how bee venom can be good for your health?

Apitoxin has a great anti-inflammatory action, and it was also proven that bee venom is a powerful immunologic agent, naturally stimulating our immune system against diseases.

Learn the main benefits of bee venom!

Even though it is natural, bee venom can be fatal in high doses. The treatments done with this substance use therapeutic doses, specific for each treatment.

People who are allergic to bee venom must not consume any supplements that contain this substance.

Since the treatments that use bee venom can cause serious side-effects in some people, be sure to talk to a health professional before doing any treatments.



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