The Moons on Your Nails Reveal This About Your Health

In the past, we made a video talking about what your nails can tell about your health. In today’s video, we will talk only about the lunula.

Do you know what a lunula is? It’s that half-moon on your nails. Did you know that?

That’s right, that internal and whitish part of your nail that resembles a half-moon can reveal a lot about your health.

Changes in color, shape and size not only can indicate health issues, but also a predisposition to some diseases. Interesting, isn’t it?

This type of diagnosis can help you notice issues faster. Analyze your nails and see what they may indicate:

Invisible lunula
Small lunula
Big lunula

Besides the size, the color of lunulae can also be altered.

A white lunula is a good sign since it is a natural color.

But there are other colors, such as:

Gray, blue-gray, pink, red and black lunula.

Now that we have talked about the possible sizes and colors that lunulae can have, see how they can be different on each finger!

So, did you check your nails? What shape and color are they?

Is there any of them that is different from the others?



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