This Detox Bath Is The Most Relaxing Way To Improve Your Health

Starting the day off with a detox juice is already a common habit for many people, since these recipes include foods that help our body eliminate toxins and also provide us with great health benefits.

However, eating isn’t the only way that we can detoxify and benefit our body.

Have you ever read the labels of some of your skin products and realized that they contained many ingredients that are also edible? This is due to the fact that many of these ingredients are good for our body as a whole, meaning that they also benefit the largest organ of our body: the skin.

One example of food with these characteristics is spirulina, a seaweed that’s rich in various nutrients that benefit our heart, muscles and immune system.

Spirulina can also be used in a detox bath, which cleanses, nourishes, revitalizes, and smoothes your skin, treats acne and softens stains.

And, if you decide to wash your hair with it, it’ll make your strands stronger and help them grow faster.

Combined with Epsom Salt, this bath promotes deep relaxation and benefits our entire body.

Here’s what you do:


Half a cup of spirulina powder (from a reliable supplier);
1 jar of warm water;
Half a cup of Epsom salt;
5 drops of mint essential oil.

To make the bath, simply mix all the ingredients and add them to a warm bath.



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