This Is What The Color of Your Egg Yolk Means

Do you know what the color of your egg yolk means?

When you make scrambled eggs, you may notice that some yolks have different colors than others.

But do you know why?

Some people say the color of the egg yolk can say a lot about the health of the chicken.

They say that the darker, rounder, and firmer, the happier the chicken that laid it.

Normally this means that the hen was raised free-range and was fed well.

On the other hand, they say that a clearer egg yolk means that the hen was raised on a farm, in a coop, spending hours confined indoors in the dark, and was producing on a large scale.

But which of the two yolks is the healthiest?

When the yolk is lighter, the chicken was most likely consuming a lot of wheat, which makes the egg yolk color different when compared to the free-range chicken’s egg yolk that has a very orange color.

Certainly the yellow yolk would be the most nutritious one, but according to research it’s actually the other way around. The orange yolks are found in the healthiest eggs.

But this is not the only reason that you need to avoid consuming eggs with lighter yolks.



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