This Surprising Hack Will Keep Mice Away For Good

In this video, you are going to learn some cheap natural remedies that are incredibly simple and will help keep mice away for good.

Unlike Mickey Mouse, real-life mice aren’t funny at all.

These rodents destroy household objects and transmit diseases, so it’s probably best to keep them far away.

The best way to prevent them from being lured indoors is to properly store your food. Also, your doors should be well sealed with door frames, and your windows should remain closed or protected by screens. Garbage must be placed in a safe place, like sealed trash bin.

In today’s video we’re going to show you some easy, practical ways to keep these rodents away from your home:

Aluminum foil
We don’t know if it’s the smell, the shininess, or the noise it makes, but mice hate aluminum foil. Try to cover their entrances or spread sheets of foil where you last spotted them.

Mint oil
Who would have thought that an oil that smells so good would scare off mice? Try pouring a few drops of mint oil on cotton balls and scattering them around the house, where you think the mice might be coming in. Since these little critters don’t like mint, they’ll find their way out of the house quickly. If you don’t have mint oil, you can use the plant itself and place the pot next to the mice holes. Or you can put dried mint leaves in old socks and spread them around the house. This solution will make your house smell good, and scare the mice and even insects off quickly. Other foods with a strong odor like garlic and cayenne pepper have a similar effect.

Just like with mint oil, bars of soap with a stronger aroma may be pleasing to us humans, but are a major nuisance to mice. Find some soap with a strong odor, cut it into pieces, and scatter the pieces through the corners of your house, under doors, and by windows. The odor will help keep rodents away.

Do you know a different way to scare off rats? Tell us in the comments!


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