Top 4 Sources of Fluoride You Didn’t Know

More and more people are looking to learn about the ingredients contained in the products they consume as well as their potential health risks. One of these ingredients is fluoride, which is present in most of the oral hygiene products we buy.

It’s not news that fluoride is good at preventing cavities. However, the fluoride levels considered safe for intake have been a cause for concern due to the abundant exposure we have to this mineral.

Fluoride, when consumed in low doses for a long time, can cause significant side effects, such as cramps and abdominal pains, weakness, nausea, and weight loss among others.

Its excessive consumption can accelerate the aging processes, cause changes in the immune system and genetic damage, reduce thyroid function and cause problems with bones, teeth and the brain. One study also associated fluoride with a higher incidence of cancer.

For these reasons, many experts recommend reducing excessive exposure to fluoride, thereby avoiding further problems in the future.

In addition to changing your toothpaste, there are many other products that you should pay attention to.

In today’s video we’re going to show you some of these products and tell you what to do to reduce your exposure to fluoride.

There are several other foods that may contain fluoride, but by following the tips in this video, you can significantly reduce your intake.



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